Shrine on You, FELA goes classical [ENG]

SHRINE ON YOU. Fela goes classical” is a beloved hommage to Fela Kuti, the greatest african musical genius and political rebel of recent history, played by a chamber orchestra formed by twelve both classical and jazz musicians.

NonsoleJazz (foto Pepe)

The baroque nuances of the arrangements generate a bizarre, elegant and sinuous chimera.” (IL MUCCHIO)

An authentic stroke of genius” (BLOW UP)

“It’s fusion or if you prefer crossover, but in the higher meaning of the word.” (AUDIOREVIEW)

One of the most fascinating work of this 2011. A true heart shock. Made in Italy for export.” (INDIESFORBUNNIES)

An unexpected tribute, original, passionate and finely played” (STORIA DELLA MUSICA)

This Afrobeat in a complex chamber format has its own singular fascinating whys and wherefores.” (M. Lorrai, ROLLING STONES, oct 2011)

It seems to discover a primigenial continuity between apparently irreconcilable worlds.” (MUSICA JAZZ)

A sensational and brave lesson of collective enthusiasm, technical skill and creativity.” (FOLKBULLETIN)

A work that is musically and socially worthy of praise.” (SILENZIOSA(MENTE))

It fills the heart up with life.” (AUDIODROME)

“A little piece of marvel. The alchemy generating from Nigerian funk and the instruments of C.O.A. is extraordinary. It welcomes an elegant atmosphere powered with energy, inspiration and creativity. Shrine on You is a pearl born in the countryside of this Italy that sometimes still manages to surprise us with nice, intelligent, international breathing works” (ROCKIT)


The Orchestra:

Alessandro Bonetti violin, mandolin

Anna Palumbo percussions, accordion

Cristiano Buffolino percussions

Cristina Adamoflute

Elide Melchioni bassoon, ocarina

Fabio Gaddoni – cello

Francesco Giampaoli bass/double bass

Marco Zanotti drums and direction

Silvia Turtura oboe, english horn

Tim Trevor-Briscoe clarinet

Valeria Montanari harpsichord

Valeria Nasci – shekeré 




including Terme di Caracalla (Rome), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Piazza del Duomo (Milan), Radio3 Festival (Perugia), New Empowering Church (London) and more

Una risposta a "Shrine on You, FELA goes classical [ENG]"

  1. Fantastic news!!!!I am not a very happy person most of the time,considering all mattresto do with the state of things in Africa but to see justice done in the caseof Carlos Moore and the Fela book is cause to celebrate, and give a welcome renewalof faith and strength in the struggle for liberation and justice in Africa .I am sureFela and his mother are very pleased where they are now .just like the rest of us. toks ilorin


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